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          1. SZIDF 深圳國際工業設計大展

            Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            我們的設計工作室在意大利米蘭,專業從事產品設計與傳播。 我們的創意和創新是通過創造力和直覺發展起來的,目的是有效地支持產品制造商,使他們在市場上具有競爭力。 根據我們的理念,意大利風格總是與智慧和戰略相結合,以成就客戶優秀產品和品牌知名度。 我們跟蹤客戶的整個開發過程:從市場分析到創意生成,從設計到工程,從產品擴展到傳播。

            01. Sliding doors - Hood - by Elica - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Cooker hood with automatic opening frontal scrolling. He managed to reinterpret the 搗ertical?cooking hood in a new and original way. Unexpected, surprising and with essential lines. The Elica logo, used as the key for the whole aspiring system, which gives access to its functionalities, makes this concept even more fascinating. The design of the product is also very apt for customization and combination of different finishes.

            02. Desk - Payment device - by Desall - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            A light and functional cash register. The product allows the use of a tablet as it displays the information to the customer.

            03. Pure strenght - Fitness equipment - by Technogym - codesign Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Unique line with plate-loaded strength training equipment.

            The Pure Strenght line is characterized with performance-focused designs ensure each piece of equipment creates a challenging experience for your members, with the freedom and feel of free weights.

            The objective of Pure Strenght is to replicate the feeling of using free weights, whilst optimising the performance of each routine through the ergonomic and biomechanical design of the equipment. 

            04. Magic - Stair - by Mobirolo - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Spiral staircase innovative!

            SMALL&ECO staircase: space savings, Savings in materials and energy!

            Magic is a new type of staircase with original design dedicated to small spaces.

            Its hybrid shape between spiral and alternate step allows the ascent in only 180?respect a standard spiral staircase 360 ? halving the occupied area than standard stairs.

            The tread is the result on an intelligent design: in fact it uses a single module that rotates and alternately allows to accommodate the left and right foot, increasing the ergonomics of the product.

            Magic uses half the components of a standard version at the same time making it more environmentally friendly and economical.

            05. Block - Folding Chair - by Altacom - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Innovation in a chair is still possible.

            The challenge of this project was to rethink a product such as folding chair, a few exceptions, relegated to a minor role, and gregarious.

            A careful analysis of the market and of the tendency to live in smaller and smaller spaces has led us to design a product that once closed occupies half of a standard product through a particular system of joints allows the closure of the chair in 55 cm of height.

            The other innovation of Block is sitting completely cantilevered providing product folding chair a new fashion and high comfort.

            06. Nuvola - Flower pot - by Vasart Urban Design - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Nuvola is a monobloc concrete flowerpot.

            It has an organic and irregular shape.

            It has been planned in 3 dimensions and is part of the Nuvola collection with other product as bench and pouf.

            07. Wire - Chair - by Colico Design - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            It is a polypropilene plastic injection product and stackable.

            A chair with classical plasticity.

            A tribute to the great masters of the chair's design.

            Entirely designed and prototyped in 3d from our study and presented at the Milan- Salone del Mobile - Furniture Fair 2017.

            08. E-Lounge - Smart island - by Repower - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            E-LOUNGE is a smart island with multiple functions: bench with built-in bike rack, recharge point e-bike and electronics devices, internet wi-fi point.

            A refined design that carries the charging role for electric bikes, smartphones, and for people sitting down to rest a bit after a country or mountain trip.

            09. Greenboarder - Roll up - by Kunstdunger - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Greenboarder is a roll up display made of high-quality cardboard, fully recyclable, transportable and storable. Greenboarder can be entirely used as a communication medium. base and banner of the mobile advertising display can be printed individually. our customers can use Greenboarder during events and campaigns in their pos or in other locations to present their advertising message adequately and effectively. the convincing production quality, the complete personalizability and the quick set-up in 60 seconds respond to the requirements for a universally applicable and trendsetting advertising medium. Greenboarder scores with low weight (about 2,5 kg), and can be used anywhere thanks to its practical and space-saving packaging. the quick set-up requires neither tools nor special craftsmanship.

            10. Helix - Cable canalization - by Asa Plastici - design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

            Get Cables Under Control!

            Under desk we would like to have more tidy space.

            Attach the spiral under the desk, pass the cables, attach the spiral at the base and you抮e done !

            Helix is a vertical canalization System.

            A design indeed inspired by nature, this containment structure is unlike any other. This modern coil system has stainless steel rings impregnated with different color brushes keeping wires under control while adding an element of design to the work environment or home. The Helix is weighted by a smooth, shiny metal base and comes with mounting hardware.

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